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The selection committee of the III ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival announces the list of animated films and screenplays that will be included in the competition program.


The selection committee for animated films: Nazrin Aghamaliyeva (Azerbaijan), Aydan Hasanova (Azerbaijan), Liz Manresa (France), Sophie Vimont (France), Nicolina Sterbet (Moldova/Italy), Demetrios Poursanidis (Greece).

The selection committee for screenplays: Sevinj Azimova (Elsever) (Azerbaijan), Jahangir Selimkhanov (Azerbaijan).


All films and screenplays will be evaluated by an International Jury and winners will be announced at the closing ceremony of the 3rd ANIMAFILM festival on October 18, 2020.

Notably, great prizes are waiting for the winners of Azerbaijani categories of III ANIMAFILM festival.

Moreover, the selection committee has desided to add new categories:
• Best Azerbaijani Short Student Animated Film (up to 15 minutes)
• Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film for Children (up to 6000 characters)

“Most of submissions came from United States. Countries, such as England, Canada and France were active as usual. Number of submissions doubled compared to last year. We also received around 20 films and around 40 screenplays from Azerbaijan. This makes us very happy, as it shows that animation in Azerbaijan starts to recover.” said director of the festival Rashid Aghamaliyev.



Best Feature Animated Film - GRAND PRIX

# Project Title Author Country
1 The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks Andrey Khrzhanovsky Russian Federation
2 The Test of Time Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk Netherlands
3 STRIKE Trevor Hardy United Kingdom

Best Short Animated Film - GRAND PRIX

# Project Title Author Country
1 Duodrom Basil Vogt Switzerland
2 Wade Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi India
3 Rain Piotr Milczarek Poland
4 How My Grandmother Became A Chair Nicolas Fattouh Lebanon
5 The eleventh step Maryam Kashkoolinia Iran
6 Malakout Farnoosh Abedi Iran
7 Kapaemahu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe WIlson United States
8 The Winter Xin Li Australia
9 The Lonely Orbit Frederic Siegel, Benjamin Morard Switzerland
10 What Will You Do Now, John? Pooja Pottenkulam United Kingdom
11 Per Aspera Ad Astra Franck Dion France
12 Sororal Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier France
13 NoWhereMan Chong Liu, Kuan Ting Lu United States
14 Why Slugs Have No Legs Aline Höchli Switzerland
15 Lah gah (Letting go) Cécile Brun Switzerland
16 Cwch Deilen Efa Blosse-mason United Kingdom
17 Paracusia Carolina Sandvik Sweden
18 Dreams Into Drawing Koji Yamamura Japan
19 Snow Shelter Robertas Nevecka Lithuania
20 Tithonos & the Goddess of Dawn Jörg Weidner Germany

Best Screenplay for a Short Animated Film - GRAND PRIX

# Project Title Author Country
1 It’s a wondoughful Life Jana Forkel Germany
2 Love & the Divil Brendan O'Neill United Kingdom
3 The Nature of the Beast Monika Naidoo United States
4 Scarf Nasiba Ibrahimova Azerbaijan
5 Fishing Docks Robertas Nevecka Lithuania
6 Match Romain Bonningue France

Best Short Animated Film for Children

# Project Title Author Country
1 Reven og Nissen Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes Norway
2 Tobi and the Turbobus Verena Fels Germany
3 Cornstalk Anastasiia Zhakulina Russian Federation
4 The Organized Life Patrick Yu Wang, Nguyet Nghi Duong United States
5 Kenya's Symphony Carlos Douglas Jr United States
6 The Witch & the Baby Evgenia Golubeva Russian Federation
7 Across the Bridge Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu Canada
8 Meow or Never Neeraja Raj United Kingdom
9 The Kite Martin Smatana Czech Republic
10 A Little bird told me: about the ABC Georg Diederik Grobler South Africa
11 Blanket Marina Moshkova Russian Federation
12 Piccolino. An adventure in the city Giovanni Maccelli Spain
13 Trophy Hunter Sean Burns United States
14 The Pit Markéta Kubátová Smolíková Czech Republic
15 First Born Justin Bruce Lee United States
16 A Cat Called Jam Lorraine Lordan Ireland
17 A Lynx in the Town Nina Bisiarina France

Best Short Animated Film Made by Children

# Project Title Author Country
1 The Dog's Story - Part II Arkhip Varfolomeev Russian Federation
2 Comfortable Position "DRF Children Animation Studio" Uzbekistan
3 System Error Piotr Kaźmierczak Poland
4 The Great Adventure Primary School Gornja Radgona Slovenia
5 100% Girl Chen Liangyu Taiwan
6 The Eternal Nourish Ia Shantadze, Mari Jorbenadze Georgia
7 The Throne of Saint Sava Jakov Popov Serbia
8 The Cosmospenguin in the OPERA Luca Potskhishvili Austria
9 It's Always New Year in Zugdidi Animation Development Fund Georgia
10 Forward Najmeh Imani, Mohadeseh Shahbazi Iran

Best Short Experimental or Abstract Animated Film

# Project Title Author Country
1 Beyond Noh Patrick Smith United States
2 Where am I? Cheng Qiu United Kingdom
3 Catgot Ho Tsz Wing Hong Kong
4 Push This Button if You Begin to Panic Gabriel Böhmer United Kingdom
5 Marbles Natalia Spychala Poland
6 Being with the Other Özge Akarsu Turkey
7 Blüte Raito Low Taiwan
8 B R E A T H E Georg Diederik Grobler South Africa
9 Stache and the Inner Walk Joanne Fisher Canada
10 The Other Arash Akhgari Canada
11 Abstract Animals Dana Sink United States
12 Jung & Restless Joanna Priestley United States
13 Filla' Void Xinhui Ma United States

Best Short Student Animated Film

# Project Title Author Country
1 Cockpera Kata Gugić Croatia
2 Way of Sylvie Verica Pospíšilová Kordić Czech Republic
3 Hide N Seek Barbora Halířová Czech Republic
4 Almost There Nelly Michenaud United Kingdom
5 To the dusty sea Héloïse Ferlay France
6 Hamsa Daniela Dwek, Maya Mendonca, Chrissy Baek United States
7 Trip Raana Hejazi Iran
8 Tchoupitoulas Street Rory Dise United States
9 Unraveled Isabel Emily Katherine Wiegand, Asil Atay, Arden Colley, Kellie Fay Spain
10 S p a c e s Nora Štrbová Czech Republic
11 IHR Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle Switzerland
12 Tenant Sarah Benson Ireland
13 o28 Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran France
14 Towards The Open Sky Milana Vorobyeva France
15 KATER Felix Zehender Germany
16 Gravedad Matisse Gonzalez Germany
17 Going Home Tom Denney United Kingdom
18 All You Can Eat Dimitris Armenakis United Kingdom
19 Put A Stick in It Austin Kimmell United States
20 A Twisted Tale Hasan Pastacı Belgium
21 Babble Bubble Richan Li United States
22 Forget Me Not Adela Križovenská Czech Republic
23 SH_T HAPPENS Michaela Mihalyi, David Štumpf Czech Republic

Best Animated TV series

# Project Title Author Country
1 The Musifants Meike Fehre Germany
2 Guitar and Drum Antonia Herrera, María Elisa Soto-Aguilar Chile
3 The Other Way Wolf Ira Elshansky Russian Federation
4 Snow Queen: The Keepers of Wonders Andrey Korenkov, Aleksey Tsitsilin Russian Federation
5 Saturday Club John McDaid, Robin Davey United Kingdom
6 Two Minute Tales Season 2 Mole Hill United Kingdom
7 Oddy's world: Oblako and some quality Kim Su En Russian Federation
8 The Adventures of Gloria Scott - Murder in the Cathedral Matija Pisacic, Tvrtko Raspolic Croatia

Best Animated Music Video

# Project Title Author Country
1 Go! Go! Patradol Kitcharoen United States
2 SIAMÉS - MR. FEAR Pablo Rafael Roldán, Ezequiel Torres Argentina
3 Nunofyrbeeswax – Tormento Maren Sosada Germany
4 Pearls Idan Barzilay Israel
5 Crossing Continents David Bernini Russian Federation
6 Christmas morning Karni and Saul United Kingdom
7 The Lazy Dragon Fokion Xenos, Joan Zhonga Greece
8 Doomsday Princess Alyssa Ragni United States
9 Memories Goce Ilievski Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
10 Gaku Xueyan Wang China
11 The Happy Song Trevor Hardy United Kingdom


Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film

# Project Title Author Country
1 Tig-tig and Her Friends in Search of Miracles Sultan Abbasbayli Azerbaijan
2 DARK Javid Ilham Azerbaijan
3 Perfect Wound Samir Salahov Azerbaijan
4 Make a Wish Sevinc Quliyeva Azerbaijan
5 The Crow Fidan Akhundova Azerbaijan
6 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Ilham Hasanov Azerbaijan
7 Naughty Bald-headed Gulzar Ibrahimova Azerbaijan

Best Azerbaijani Short Student Animated Film

# Project Title Author Country
1 AUSTIN Nargiz Khalilzada Azerbaijan
2 The Surprise Fatima Agasiyeva-Akin Azerbaijan
3 Virus Ulviyye Memmedova Azerbaijan
4 Snow Globe Sevinc Quliyeva Azerbaijan
5 Two Tree Ruslan Ibrahimli Azerbaijan
6 Social Media Trap Narmin Aslan Azerbaijan
7 Snake and Villager Ayaz Khaliqov Azerbaijan
8 Stay Home! Shahid Ismayilov Azerbaijan
9 Rabit Nest Rovshan Gurbanov Azerbaijan
10 The Car of Murad Yagub Hasanzada Azerbaijan
11 Rescuers Dmitriy Anufriyev Azerbaijan

Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film

# Project Title Author Country
1 Everyone has a house Agazahir Ilyasli Azerbaijan
2 Hey, Taxi! Nurlan Hasanli Azerbaijan
3 Keyboard Mursal Gafarov Azerbaijan
4 Love Ruslan Mollayev Azerbaijan
5 Rainbow Kenan Selimov Azerbaijan
6 Rope Orkhan Behbid Azerbaijan
7 The Colors Mirvari Aghakishiyeva Azerbaijan
8 Pineal Aygun Memmedova Azerbaijan
9 Things I can’t do Nurlan Hasanli Azerbaijan

Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film for Children

# Project Title Author Country
1 A Box Gunel Asgarova Azerbaijan
2 Flying Man Vugar Hagverdiyev Azerbaijan
3 Colorless Shebnem Hesenelizade Azerbaijan
4 Open Windows Xanim Muxtarova Azerbaijan
5 The Fish Ramil Elekberov Azerbaijan
6 Story of Musa Reyhan Yusifgizi Azerbaijan
7 The Secret of Golden Stone or the Secret of Princess Mehin Gulzar Ibrahimova Azerbaijan


III ANIMAFILM Festival will be held in Baku, from 14 to 18 October 2020. This year festival will be dedicated to French animation. The Festival is supported by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, Embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan, Embassy of France in Azerbaijan, French Institute in Azerbaijan, Nizami Cinema Center, Mujru Publishing, Barat Abdullayev and other partners and sponsors.