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Echo of ANIMAFILM Festival was Held in the Czech Republic


The organizers of the 1st ANIMAFILM Festival held an event titled Echo of ANIMAFILM in Prague on March 23, 2019 in order to take a look at the outcomes of the first edition of the festival, to talk about of it’s future and, most importantly, to present best Azerbaijani animated films. The event was held at Prague's Kino Pilotů cinema with the support of the “OLIEL Company” and Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Czech Republic.

A selection of the best animated films from 1st ANIMAFILM were demonstrated at the event, and for the first time abroad, the book "Azerbaijan animation" was presented. The event was attended not only by Azerbaijani deaspora but also by the citizens of foreign countries. The main participants, of course, were Czech animation experts, as well as Czech renowned animation community that attended this event. Director of the ANIMAFILM festival Rashid Aghamaliyev noted that this event brought Azerbaijani and the Czech animations closer to each other and created a direct dialogue between the cultures.

The event was attended by animation masters Jahangir Suleymanov (Russia) and Masud Panachi (Germany). Masud Panachi, mostly famous in Azerbaijan for animated film called “Tik-Tik Khanym”, was awarded with a special prize "Golden Boat" - "For Contribution to Azerbaijani Animation" at the first edition of ANIMAFILM in 2018.


Animated films from Azerbaijan, Russia and Germany, including the winner of the 1st ANIMAFILM Festival, animated film Late Afternoon, that was also nominated for the OSCAR Award, were demonstrated for the first time in the Czech Republic. The Irish director of the film Louise Bagnall joined the event on the internet and said that the OSCAR nomination of “Late Afternoon” was a great opportunity to increase the number of its audience.

Animated Azerbaijani films were screened in the first part of the event and then the presentation of the book "Azerbaijani animation" was presented.

National dishes of Azerbaijan - baklava, shakarbura were awating the guests of the event. With this gesture, ANIMAFİLM team once again demonstrated Azerbaijan's hospitality at Novruz holiday.


A a lot of us have not forgotten 1st ANIMAFILM Baku International Animation Festival, which was held in Baku on October 19-21, 2018. Although this festival was held for the first time, it had a big success. 480 films and 15 screenplays from 63 countries were presented to the festival. Rich program of the 1st ANIMAFILM Festival included:

  • Three competioton categories: Best short animated film, Best Azerbaijani short animated film, Best original screenplay for a short animated film. Information about the winners can be found HERE.
  • "ReAnimation" exhibition covering 50 years of history of Azerbaijani animation.
  • Presentation of the book “Azerbaijani Animation”, the joint work of local and foreign film cholars.
  • Retrospectives of Azerbaijani, Georgian, and Iranian animation.
  • Animation workshops for children.
  • Masterclasses with well-known directors Jahangir Suleymanov (Russia) and Masud Panachi (Azerbaijan/Germany).
  • Masud Panachi - "Golden Boat" award "For Contribution to Azerbaijani Animation".
It is safe to say that this festival has left a mark on the history of Azerbaijani culture.


Second edition of ANIMAFILM - Baku International Animation Festival will be held in the capital of Azerbaijan, from 18 to 20 October 2019. The festival will show dozens of foreign and national animated films for children and adults for three days. The goal of the organizers is to create an annual event that will delight the local and foreign audience and professionals, as well as promoting the development of animation art in Azerbaijan.